Create a contact form with Elementor

Create contact form with Elementor Pro

With Elementor Pro you get the opportunity to create forms.

You can collect all types of data using 10+ different fields, 

More than just name, email and text. You can collect numbers, URLs, hidden fields, dates and more using dedicated fields in the schema extension.

You can enter your own colors and fonts in and around the form, buttons that fit your brand and style perfectly.

There are also advanced form fields so you can create incredibly many different form types.

Form builder contains these fields:

  • Text
  • E-mail
  • URL
  • Phone no
  • Radio
  • check Box
  • number
  • Date
  • Time
  • File upload
  • Accept fields
  • Data field
  • concealed
  • Html field
  • Password field
  • Honeypot

Contact form is created in this way:

If you don't want to watch the video, read on ....

form _dra_over

The first thing you do is type in the form in the search field of Elementor (Pro version Advertising)

Then drag the form icon over to the field on the right.

When you now click on the form you will see the edit form, here you can select and remove fields by pressing X or copying fields by tapping the copy icon or adding new fields.

Inside all the fields you can choose what that field should be for: Text, Email, Message, Phone Number, and a lot more. 

You can drag the different fields up or down to where you want them.



form completed

Edit Button


Edit where to submit the form


Enter Email Addresses

Now the form is ready for use.

You can now go into style and advanced and try your hand with colors and images as backgrounds, text colors, and much more.

Good luck. 

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Elementor Pro

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Easy to use!

Incredibly many features.





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