iThemes Security - wordpress security

iThemes Security - wordpress security


The first thing you should do when setting up your site is to install and set up a security extension on your site before you begin posting articles, pages, forms. and other extensions.

It gets hacked on average 30,000 sites every single day, so this is something you need to think about.

I would recommend trying out iThemes Security (formerly better WP Security) which is one of the very best security extensions for WordPress.

It is available in two versions, a free version and a Pro version.

What makes it a favorite is how easy it is to set up.

iThemes Security gives you over 30+ ways to secure and protect your WordPress website. They fix common security holes, stop automated attacks on the site, and more.

iThemes Security also has many advanced features for experienced users who want to make security even better.

in the Free version you get:

  • Security check
  • Global settings
  • notification center
  • 404 Detection (block users who are sneaking for pages they can exploit)
  • Away Mode (Set a time period when no one can login to the control panel.)
  • Exclude users (block ip addresses and users)
  • Take database backup
  • File changes (Monitors files if they are exposed to unexpected change)
  • Local brute force protection
  • File permissions
  • Network Brute force protection
  • SSL (SSL configuration)
  • System adjustments
  • Password Requirements
  • WordPress salts
  • WordPress customizations

With iThemes Security pro you get many extra features including two-factor authorization, automatic malware scanning, reCAPTCHA, and much more. 

  • Two factor authorization
  • Automatic malware search
  • Security control panel
  • Magic links (sends you an email so you can log in if your user has been banned)
  • Privilege Escalation (you can give a user a higher right for a period)
  • Imports for import or export
  • User logging
  • Check the safety of your users (password strength, etc.)
  • Version management (You can update WordPress, themes and extensions automatically)
  • Trusted devices (PCs, mobiles, browsers)
iThemes security pro

iThemes Security has 900,000+ "active installations", an average rating of 4.5 which is very good. 


Works on multi-site (network) and single site installations
Works with Apache, LiteSpeed or NGINX (Note: NGINX requires you to manually edit the virtual host configuration)

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iThemes Security

One of the best security extensions for wordpress.

Easy and set up.

Price: One Free and one Pro version.



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